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A disc-forming machine developed for the ceramic, refractory and chemical filler industries


  Cangzhou Huaye Electromechanical Technology Co.,Ltd.has developed a disc-forming machine for ceramics,refractory materials and chemical filler industry.It has the automation of powder feeding,realizes the automation of seed feeding,realizes the automation of the ball,realizes the automatic mixing of water and water,realizes the automation of the ball,realizes the uniformity of the ball,the moisture of the ball is easy to control,the strength of the ball is high,and the labor intensity is reduced.,reduce the number of workers,beautify the working environment and other advantages.Large equipment can realize the same equipment to produce ball diameters of 2-40mm,and the ball diameter and roundness control error is very small,completely changing the history of the sugar coating pan.For example,when a diameter of 2.5 meters into a ball machine is used to make a 32mm alumina ball,the entire ball is subjected to an error of 0.2-0.8mm,and the whole disk is 3000kg without screening.Has obtained 2 national invention patent certificates ZL201310184187.0,ZL201310212092.5.