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High-concentration round-particle potassium chloride production equipment and process technology have been successfully applied


  White potassium and red potassium are generally in the form of powder or fine crystals.Powdered potassium chloride fertilization is inconvenient,especially not meeting the requirements of modern agricultural mechanized fertilization.Therefore,it is necessary to make the powdered potassium chloride into a granular form.Powdered potassium chloride is difficult to granulate due to sanding.Zhangzhou Huaye Electromechanical Technology Co.,Ltd.and Huaye Powder Ball Technology R&D Center aim at BB fertilizer market demand and national industrial development direction,invest in technology research and development,and start research and upgrade Granular technology,starting from the binder and granulation technology to study the agglomeration granulation process of single fertilizer of potassium chloride,due to the granulation mechanism of fertilizer and the nature of powder materials,liquid binder and the properties of powder and liquid Relationship,therefore,in the granulation process,it is necessary to examine the effects of raw material ratio,granulation temperature,pH value,binder type and other parameters on granulation rate,granulation rate and particle hardness.The correlation between granulation equipment,binder morphology change and single fertilizer granulation was found,and the granulation mechanism was analyzed based on the technical characteristics of the granulation process.

  We conducted preliminary qualitative analysis of raw materials in the laboratory,followed by laboratory small test,pilot test and nucleation mechanism analysis of potassium chloride.After extensive experimentation and exploration,we obtained significant information on the potassium granulation technology of sandy materials.Breakthrough,finally researched successful high-concentration round-particle potassium chloride production equipment and process technology,filling the domestic technology gap.At present,a large-scale production trial(8 tons of hourly production)is carried out in a company in Hebei,granulated into pellets,and then dried,cooled and sieved to obtain round-particle potassium chloride products.

  The production equipment and process technology of high concentration round particle potassium chloride have been successfully applied.At present,the potassium content can be as high as 60%,the nutrient is hardly reduced,and the granulation aid is water-soluble,the dispersibility is good,the impurities are not produced,the price is low,and the method of use is simple.The round granular potassium chloride production equipment and process have the characteristics of simple operation process,large production capacity,wide product particle size range,rounded particles and high strength,and no waste is generated in production,energy saving,environmental protection,and broad market prospect.