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  Cangzhou Huaye Electromechanical Technology Co., a high-tech enterprise with powder granulation into ball engineering application technology as the core,equipment processing and manufacturing,new products,new technology and new technology research and development.The company has formed a technical R&D team with complete professional structure,reasonable structure and solid foundation,and possesses a number of patented technologies and scientific and technological achievements.A large number of core technologies with independent intellectual property rights,such as process and product development,engineering consulting and design,equipment manufacturing and automatic control,have been formed.

  The company is based on the long-term development of the company to meet the individual needs of customers.With the innovation power of“eliminating waste,energy saving and innovation”,it has established a long-term basis based on Zhangzhou Xinye Environmental Engineering Technology Co.,Ltd.and many famous universities and research institutes.Stable strategic partnership,focusing on research and development of environmental engineering application technology and equipment.Through the research and development,introduction,absorption and other means,the new technologies and new technologies of the environmental engineering industry will be applied to the customer's solutions in a timely manner;provide systematic and professional technical solutions and service support to help customers achieve diversification.Environmental improvement needs.

  The company's testing center provides customers with a variety of experiments and additives research,providing a complete set of technical solutions;at the same time providing technology development,technical consulting,technology transfer,technical services.

  The company's product technology is widely used in chemical fertilizers,ceramsite,building materials,metallurgy,ceramics,refractory materials,casting,environmental protection,soil improvement,new materials,bio-chemical and solid waste comprehensive utilization.

  We adhere to the business philosophy of"scientific and technological innovation,hard work and hard work",and constantly improve the technical research and development strength,equipment manufacturing quality and after-sales service level,sincerely welcome domestic and foreign VIPs to visit and create a better future!